The Palisade piano is named for Palisade CO. The geographical definition of palisade a line of cliffs. These cliffs create a “banana belt” effect in the otherwise harsh climate of the Colorado Rockies.

From the fertile fruit and wine country of Western Colorado, this piano draws inspiration. The beautiful custom stained glass is set with three-dimensional beads depicting the plump Cabernet Franc grapes, which just happen to be Holly’s favorite.

This gorgeous piano was produced by the McPhail Piano Company of Boston in 1916. The company had already been in business for nearly 80 years by that time! In 1916 the U.S. had not yet thrown its resources into WWI; musician and band leader, Harry James was born; and the CU Buffs lost to the Utah Utes in their perennial rivalry.

From our collection of vintage upright pianos, you can choose a cabinet design that you love, the finish that complements your home or business, a glass design like this or from your own imagination, and finally a custom, digital player system with exactly the features that you desire and will actually use; no more, no less.



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