a novel based on facts of post-civil war Louisiana











Kisatchie:  The Big Thicket

  Sitting astride the old contraband trail that leads from the Natchez Trade to the great plains of Texas, the Kisatchie became a rookery for thieves and cutthroats, bushwhackers and rogues.  The mid 1800's sees a tribe Scots-Irish Americans, hoping to find a peaceful home after generations of wandering, settle there.  They find, instead, a fiendish overlord whose tentacles of power has penetrated every aspect of the life of the settlement.  He rules a veritable precursor of the Mafia from his inviolate post as Magistrate and pillar of the community.  The lot of hero and deliverer falls to Daniel Webster O'Shean, a disillusioned Civil War veteran whose tastes run more to the quiet solitude of the wilderness than to intrigues and shoot-outs.  How he forges a drag-net to catch the villain and his gang, and a bitter confrontation with his childhood friend and only adult companion, makes for provocative reading.


  Genieva Kolbaker is the great grand-niece of the real life hero of the Kisatchie legend.  She is the mother of seven children, wife of a retired school administrator and an English-Art teacher now retired.

Genieva Kolbaker (now deceased) is the mother of Warren Niles Boulanger

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